making Assamese writing easier

The creation of Luitpad

On a cross country drive from New York to Vancouver, Dr. Kishori Mohan Konwar, had the wonderful opportunity of visiting many sites of national and historic importance across the USA and Canada. He was not only impressed by how these historic sites were beautifully conserved, but also by their ability to attract large numbers of tourists using effective means of communication through use of the Internet.

On the other hand, Assam's history dates back much further, but remains unknown to most of the world, even including people from Assam itself.  During this time, he realized the utter importance of the preservation of Assamese language written texts and decided it was time to introduce them to a modern digital format. Due to the lack of efficient software available for writing in Assamese, and goaded by his experience of developing software for industry and academia, he decided to build an Assamese writing software.

Subsequently, he reached out to Navanath Saharia at Tezpur University,  a PhD student in computational linguistic aspects of Assamese language. After more than a year of research and development, they completed LuitPad.  Since its inception, LuitPad has been designed and redesigned again and again based on the tremendous feedback from various users. Some features were removed and extra features were added based on users’ preferences.

We are proud to present to you, our creation, LuitPad.

Reg No. – M.G.P – 59/2011-12/4024